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Good day, I've a small query. Does anybody notice a small lag on this forum as soon as they logon? It needs more than several seconds roughly for me to visit the index webpage.

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(01 Dec 2010, 02:08 )MarisaLla Wrote: Gday, I've got a short query. Does anybody else see a slight lag using this community forum whenever they logon? It needs up to 5 seconds or so for me to get the home page.

With thanks

For me it has never been any faster than that, often even slower. I think, Likera is operating the server from his home computer and it needs to add content from several external sources as well (ads, blog and stuff).
Not sure if this issue has been resolved by now but I just relogged and did not experience the issue you are having. When prompted with the forum login my browser loaded the page in 1-2 seconds.
I'm running Opera on Win7 64b FYI, you could give it a go and see if your browser is the problem. Your computer could also be running off of too little ram or it could be an issue with your GPU. It could also just be your network connection, try running a speed test. What OS are you running? Hope you can fix that annoyance it could just be an out of date java or shockwave driver if this forum uses either of those that is. It is in an IFrame...

Anywho I'd say update all your critical system components and software drivers. CPU, MOBO(Firmware), GPU, Hard Drive(firmware), flash, shockwave, your browser, etc.
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