Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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I love all of Eve's videos but these new ones are particularly awesome...incredibly agile on those heels...

I'm wondering about two things: how did he managed to keep his tights and low back undamaged? Big Grin
Eve freeclimbing a rockwork retaining wall (among other things) in heels...

...and ignoring various warning signs (I think...).

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It wouldn't be Japanese without some monsters Wink

New clips of Eve clambering around Japanese parks in a leotard, tights and heels. Actually, at least two pairs of tights if you look closely Wink

I wonder who's filming him and what she/he is wearing Wink
(01 Oct 2013, 00:28 )Like Ra Wrote: I wonder who's filming him and what she/he is wearing Wink

I don't think the camera ever changes position except at cuts (it just zooms a little) so I wonder if it's just sat on a tripod and the zooms added in post production? If there was a second person involved I'd have thought there'd be panning and tilting in the climbing scenes.
I want to know whether he/she feels hurts when sitting on the top of rock.