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My scariest selfbondage experience to date
Still recovering from the shock as I'm writing this. This incident has taught me a great deal.

I was feeling kinky for a sb session so I put on my zentai and layers of pantyhose over my body. I wanted to try something a bit more exciting so I wore plastic bag over my head before anything else. I only cut a small nose hole for breathing.

After the plastic bag over my head, I used a pantyhose leg to secure it after I aligned my nose hole. Then the zentai hood over and lastly 2 pairs of pantyhose for the top and bottom.

It became quite compressive, after all it's 30+200+120+120 denier in total but I loved the feeling. The blindness made me feel even more horny.

I then proceed to enjoy the tight comfy feeling of my whole body encasement. I also tried some sb techniques so spice things up further.

After some hours and my head was really wet with sweat inside, I decided to do 1 last bondage before calling it off. I took off a pair of pantyhose on my legs to do a single-glove at the back.

It was quite hard at first as the friction is strong. After struggling for awhile, I managed to get my left arm in. Now to get the right arm in only to realise the pantyhose was not as stretchy and quite small. Being determined I used all my might to get my right arm in. I only managed to get it halfway in before the pantyhose start to cut into my arms.

I tried to escape but the pantyhose was twisted and impossible to get out. Furthermore because of the twist, it moved my breathing hole away. I left only a tiny bit of the hole to breathe.

Some may think it's very exciting to have a little breathplay and inescapable bondage in combination. Not so much fun when I'm alone. The pantyhose continued to cut deep into my flesh, cutting circulation. I felt my fingers tingling and that's where it scared me the most. I needed to get out ASAP. My arms began to weaken. I tried all I could; tear open/bust open with my shoulders. None worked. I was blind, feeling desperate and hopeless. I thought that was the end of me. I sat down, calmed myself down to think properly. I figured I have scissors lying around nearby so after some time I found it but my hands were too weak to cut loose.

I used all the energy left to poke through with the scissors. I managed to make some small holes here and there. Eventually I made it out of the single-glove and quickly shifted my breathing hole back in place. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was terribly shocked, injured and weakened. I guess I won't have another sb session for quite some time...Sad
(14 Sep 2012, 07:54 )curse154 Wrote: I guess I won't have another sb session for quite some time...Sad

Ouch! I am glad, you made it out in time. I know similar situations, fortunately never combined with breathing trouble. Though, I had to suffer a lot of pain with elbow ties and once I was on the way to stab myself to death, because I could barely reach the rope I wanted to cut insted of the inside of one of my wrists. So, I do know, how hard it is to think instead of acting in a rush.

Once, I was a bit frightened in a bodybag with breathing tube. No SB, just inside the bag and I could leave easily. But I tried to get the air out by breathing in from the bag, then out through the pipe. Eventually, I got fairly dizzy and I was afraid, that I could faint and then rebreathe until suffocating. I switched to slowly breathing fresh air through the tube, which was probably silly, but at the same time, I opened the bag, left it and put it away for a while. In the meantime, I remembered, that "breathing out" the air of a bag is not dangerous at all, since the used air from the lungs does not go into the bag, the air is fresh (as fresh as you don't sweat at least) and has a normal amount of oxygen. The dizzeness happened due to too much oxygen, not due to too little oxygen. In the meantime, I tried again successfully but it took ages to get a vacuumish sensation, and it didn't last, the bag was leaky!