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Most amazing shop Likera :P
I just went into the shop that is linked on the left side on this site. and not long ago i got a bonus lets call it so now im spoiling myself. This is what i gotTongue
- 1 x Strict Leather Deluxe Black and Pink Locking Cuffs
- 1 x Asylum Locking Chastity Cage (these 2 uthera toys being my first)
- 1 x Prince Albert's Wand with Glans Ring
- 1 x Strict Leather Locking Butt Plug Harness with Inflatable Plug
- 1 x Gag Harness with Blindfold
even after all this is still got money left.. if i where to buy this in my own country i would be bankrupt xD THANKS LIKERA Tongue
Nice one! Glad that you liked the shop, I like it as well (hence I linked it to the site).

And yes, I've heard about prices in Norway... No way! Big Grin (pun intended)
mhmm some stuff in norway are just off the roof crazy high like cars for example and sexual toys amongst other things Tongue i am sooooo looking forward to go to work or out in the public with my uthera plugged giving me a sort or feeling that i want it up but cant beacuse of the rod going up inside meTongue also waring the plug harness Tongue

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