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Magnetic lock for self-bondage
Magnetic lock for self-bondage

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Miscellaneous fetish items on eBay
I have got one of these:
But waiting on a replacement - as no power on the ouput jack

And this arrived today.

I couldn't resist once I saw a review that said it had internal sleves
Just need to get the Mrs to zip me into it
(03 Feb 2018, 15:00 )egregious Wrote: I have got one of these:
But waiting on a replacement - as no power on the ouput jack

And this arrived today.

I couldn't resist once I saw a review that said it had internal sleves
Just need to get the Mrs to zip me into it

Would love to hear more details on the sleepsack once you try it
(03 Feb 2018, 23:12 )zan Wrote:
(03 Feb 2018, 15:00 )egregious Wrote: And this arrived today.

I couldn't resist once I saw a review that said it had internal sleves
Just need to get the Mrs to zip me into it

Would love to hear more details on the sleepsack once you try it

I ordered a large size (170cm height) as reviews said the sizing was small & my height is 167cm
The material feels nice & has a medium thickness.
Its classic shiny nylon/lycra - none of that metalic coating stuff.
The internal sleves are reasonably long.  I was unable to pull my arms out of the sleves once zipped in
So you will need a partner to zip you in & out.

The hood part was comfortably tight.
It could have done with another couple of cm on the length, as it was a little toe curling.

The rest of the legs & body are not that tight - a comfort fit & space to wriggle around.
Although if you relax - its tight enough to bring everything back into the 'mummy' position.
Its not 'chastity' secure once in either.

I am very pleased with it at that price
High-heeled boot-pants. Different sizes, different colours, very positive comments. They mention, that the size of the boots is one the smaller side.

 WEIQIAONA-New-custom-popular-Boots-pants-together-Women-s-Sexy-elastic-fabric-Pointed-toe-ladies-thigh.jpg     WEIQIAONA-New-custom-popular-Boots-pants-together-Women-s-Sexy-elastic-fabric-Pointed-toe-ladies-thigh-02.jpg     WEIQIAONA-New-custom-popular-Boots-pants-together-Women-s-Sexy-elastic-fabric-Pointed-toe-ladies-thigh-03.jpg     WEIQIAONA-New-custom-popular-Boots-pants-together-Women-s-Sexy-elastic-fabric-Pointed-toe-ladies-thigh-04.jpg     WEIQIAONA-New-custom-popular-Boots-pants-together-Women-s-Sexy-elastic-fabric-Pointed-toe-ladies-thigh-05.jpg   


Costs $999.00 but Very Sexy.
(27 Mar 2017, 21:34 )sweetrubber Wrote:
(17 Dec 2016, 22:32 )Like Ra Wrote: A new body for anybody? 😁 store: wuwen3

cyberskin full body suit

This is an odd fetish that I have come to enjoy over time. I do not want to actually wear it (well maybe). I think it reminds me of fully body latex suits that I enjoy and own. Or maybe it has to do with being forced to dress up in it.

There is actually a review of these on YouTube!


Of course the funnest part is her putting them on around the 1 minute mark... I was shocked to find this when it showed up on BuzzFeed.
Gagged Bambi T-shirt ;P

Recently my thoughts have been around adding a posture collar/neck corset to my fetish wardrobe - which is how I found this rather interesting neck brace and mask combination


The cost is a little high for me (£50) but it is very tempting....

I've recently bougth this sleepsack for my wife:

 20180211_225005.jpg     20180201_190633.jpg   

And I must say that's suprisingy ok, it has internal sleeves and the quality is not bad for 35€.

I would love to find one for me as well, but alas, my 185cm makes it impossible on aliexpress (or so it seems). Has anyone seen one big enough for me and in the same price range?
Another review of something I purchased via eBay.

Men’s High Heel Pointy Court Shoes Size 12

I love my lace-up boots, but they take time to get on/off and can be fiddly to put on when I’m wearing gloves. I brought these to make my sessions easier to create and also to allow me to add or remove the heels easily if the mood took me.

 heels.JPG    - wearing in action (will post that one soon)

Cost: £18.99 delivered
Colour: Black
Features: Killer heel!

Good bits
: Woah! Seriously never expected the heel to feel that much higher than my boots, but it is! Seriously sexy feeling when they are on and the added challenge of walking in them with wrists bound behind my back is a thrill! As planned I can get them on or off very quickly so they are way easier to add or remove from my gear during a self-bondage session and don’t require all the messing about (or planning ahead) I needed with my boots.

 20180427_130758.jpg     20180427_130841.jpg     20180427_130915.jpg     20180427_131219.jpg   

Comparison between my new shoes and my old boots - I think that 5inch heels are my limit, I can walk in them... just!

Not so good bits: Just a tiny bit tight around the toes (or I’m not used to wearing them yet). Wearing tights helps, but I’ve discovered that if all fails a quick wrap of tape around the toes works wonders. I was much more comfortable wearing them yesterday, so I think either my feet are getting used to them or else they have stretching a little.
Sadly the eBay seller has no more items listed and hasn’t for some time, so if I want a different colour I’ll have to start all over again.

Overall: Very good for the money and they look great on. I find myself using them most frequently in ‘predicament’ scenarios where I must walk to gain my freedom – not easy in these shoes!

Score: 8/10 – would have been higher if the toe width was just a little more, but still great at the price. 


Ps. Thigh boots next? So tempted but how will I sneak them past my girlfriend?