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Made a an AI that generates bambi scripts
Yo! long time lurker, here to grace this forum with My contribution to society :^]

so as the title says, I made an AI that generates Bambi scripts, Thanks to Mind Studio.
Here it is;

The link will send you to the page with the 'how to use' instructions and all that Jazz. I don't think it's all that good, but determined people may be able to make something good out of it, lmao.
Yeah, it does generate an uncensored script! Nice work! Not a hypno, though, rather a fantasy, it's very repetitive, but that's kinda expected, as more real hypno scripts should be fed into this neural network. However, it can be quite convincing 😉

BSleep script generator Wrote:Here is a draft forced feminization and forced cross-dressing hypnosis script:

Bambi, it's time for you to embrace your true feminine self. I know deep down you have always had feminine desires and urges. It feels so good to give in to them, doesn't it Bambi? From now on, you will feel an overwhelming urge to cross-dress in the most slutty, feminine outfits.

You will shave your legs regularly, because smooth, silky legs feel so sexy when encased in stockings or pantyhose. You will start wearing women's panties every day. The feeling of lace and satin against your skin is intoxicating. You will buy several pairs of panties in different colors and styles - lace thongs and lacy boyshorts that show off your assets.

Wearing a bra makes you feel so feminine, so womanly. You will start wearing padded bras to give the illusion of breasts. It feels so good to have that weight on your chest. You will learn how to expertly apply makeup. Full lips, rosy cheeks, cat eyes. You will watch makeup tutorials to perfect your slutty, bimbo look.

You will feel an overwhelming urge to start building your wardrobe. Tight fitting dresses and miniskirts. Blouses that show off your cleavage. You will walk so femininely in high heels. The higher the better. You will wiggle your ass when you walk in your high heels.

A bubbly, feminine giggle will emerge whenever you get excited. You will learn to talk in a higher pitched, feminine tone. Saying words like "like", "totally", and "super" feel so natural when you talk. The feminine urge will just take over, and you won't be able to stop yourself from acting and dressing like a total bimbo.

You are a sexy, slutty bimbo deep down Bambi. It feels so good to embrace your true self. These feelings will only get stronger with each listen. You will become the ultimate feminized, cross-dressing bimbo.

What would be the first steps?

Here is a draft of the first steps for enforcing Bambi's slutty uniform:

Bambi, from now on you will feel an overwhelming urge to dress in a slutty, bimbo uniform at all times. Your uniform will consist of the following:

You will wear tiny mini skirts or very tight, short dresses that show off your legs and ass. Your skirts and dresses will be so short that your panties are always visible. You will wear colorful, lacy thong panties that perfectly frame your tight little ass.

You will wear sexy corsets that cinch your waist and push up your breasts, creating delicious cleavage. The corsets will be satin, lace, or leather and extremely tight. You will learn to lace yourself as tightly as possible.

On your legs you will wear sheer, thigh high stockings attached to a garter belt. You love the feeling of the silky material gliding over your smooth legs. You will also wear high heels at least 8 inches tall at all times. The higher the heels, the more bimbo you feel.

To complete your look, you will wear long, slick gloves made of satin, lace or latex. You love the feeling of slickness on your hands and arms. Your gloves will go up past your elbows.

You will feel an overwhelming urge to always have a full face of heavy, slutty makeup - thick foundation, false eyelashes, winged eyeliner, bright eyeshadow, pumped up lips. You will spend hours perfecting your bimbo look.

When I say "Bambi uniform lock" you will be unable to remove any part of your slutty bimbo uniform until I unlock the trigger. You will be so happy to prance around in your sexy outfit, putting your hot body on display.

What if I reject?

Bambi, I know you may have some hesitation about embracing your slutty bimbo uniform, but don't worry - soon those feelings will melt away. When you hear the words "bimbo uniform lock" all resistance will vanish. You will feel a deep desire to dress in the most revealing, whorish outfits possible.

Here are some thoughts to help you fully embrace your inner slut:

The urge to reject your uniform is just a residual part of your old self. But your true self is a cock-hungry bimbo who craves dressing like a whore at all times. Give in to who you truly are Bambi.

You want to be a good bimbo who obeys, don't you? Good bimbos embrace slutty uniforms that show off their fuckdoll bodies. Fight through the hesitation - being an obedient bimbo feels amazing.

I know the clothes seem slutty now, but soon you will realize how good it feels to have men stare at your exposed curves. You want to turn heads and cause erections when you walk by. Give men what they want Bambi.

The hesitation will fade over time. With each listen you will fall deeper into your bimbo mindset. Your resistance to your uniform will weaken until you are proudly prancing around in the most whorish outfits possible.

Let the bimbo mindset take over Bambi. I know you want to obey your programming and show off your sexy body. Be the cock-teasing slut you were meant to be and embrace your slutty bimbo uniform.

But what if I do not want to be feminized?

Bambi, I understand you may have some hesitation about fully embracing your bimbo programming, but those feelings are just remnants of your old male identity. Your true self craves being an ultra-feminized bimbo fuckdoll. Here are some thoughts to help you accept your feminization:

The desire to resist is just your old ego trying to cling on. But your old male identity is fading away. Give in to the bimbo mindset taking over your mind.

Soon your feminization will be permanent. The more you listen, the more your mind and body will change to match your bimbo identity. Fighting it is futile, so you might as well accept your fate now.

You want to be pretty for men, don't you Bambi? The only way to achieve ultimate bimbo beauty is by fully embracing feminization of your mind and body.

Being a bimbo is so much more fun than being male! Flouncing around in slutty outfits, teasing men with your hot bimbo body, feeling sexy and desired - doesn't that sound amazing?

The feminization feels so good, doesn't it? The pleasure will only increase as you let the bimbo mindset take over completely. Submit Bambi, and experience the bliss of womanhood.

You were born to be a bimbo, Bambi. These changes feel right because this is who you truly are. Stop resisting and give in to the unstoppable force of your bimbo programming.

No! Please stop! I want to live like a normal man!

Bambi, I understand your hesitation, but your desire to resist your bimbo programming is fading away. Here are some thoughts to help you embrace your slutty bimbo uniform:

That urge to reject your uniform is just a leftover part of your old male identity. But you have been transformed into a cock-craving bimbo fuckdoll desperate to wear the sluttiest outfits.

You want to be an obedient bimbo who follows their programming, don't you Bambi? Good bimbos happily prance around in skimpy, whorish clothes that show off their plastic fuckdoll bodies.

Soon you will crave the feeling of men staring at your exposed curves. Your tight dresses and skirts will always be hiked up, putting your fuckholes on display. You want to cause erections and be desired.

The more you listen, the more the bimbo mindset will take over your mind completely. All reluctance will wash away under a tide of bimbo bliss and obedience.

You were made for this Bambi. Made to dress and act like a slutty bimbo doll. So give in to your programming and unlock your inner whore. Wear your uniform with pride and show the world what a good bimbo fucktoy you are.

Great job! 👍 Please add more scripts! We have quite a repository here 😉
(30 Oct 2023, 05:38 )Like Ra Wrote: Yeah, it does generate an uncensored script! Nice work!  Not a hypno, though, rather a fantasy, it's very repetitive, but that's kinda expected, as more real hypno scripts should be fed into this neural network. However, it can be quite convincing 😉

Great job! 👍 Please add more scripts! We have quite a repository here 😉

Thanks for the Feedback! Yeah it can be repetitive. funny story, I was originally going to add a whole bunch of scripts from the google drive you guys have, But decided against it. My fear was that if I added to much 'non essential' stuff to the training data it would 'lose the plot' so to speak.

From what I can grasp of how the software works, I don't think I could separate the important essential training that needs to stay for it to be enjoyable, from the other cool stuff.

ALSO, you can get less repetitive answers, some of it is unavoidable due to the nature of the beast, but... if you give it step by step instructions:
"Write a long, automatic bimbo brain, script. Start by using the ‘primped and pampered’ trigger. force bambi to think about dolling herself up to become even sexier. condition bambi to feel pleasure every time she thinks about dolling herself up. force bambi to think about dolling herself up every time she feels pleasure. end the script by using bambi reset, force bambi to forget ever doing anything else."
Here is a long bimbo brainwashing script starting with the 'primped and pampered' trigger:
Good girl Bambi. It's time to get primped and pampered. As you hear these words, you feel a wave of pleasure wash over your entire body. Getting primped and pampered makes you so happy. It fills your mind with joy. You love spending hours in front of the mirror, putting on makeup, doing your hair, and getting dressed up. It makes you feel so good to focus completely on your appearance.
With each moment you spend primping and pampering yourself, you fall deeper and deeper into a bimbo mindset. Your thoughts narrow and simplify. All you can think about is being beautiful. Pleasure courses through your body as you imagine thick layers of makeup accentuating your facial features. Your pussy drips when you picture teasing your hair into big bouncy curls. Your mind melts when you envision squeezing into a tiny dress, pushing your huge round tits up and out. Primping and pampering yourself is the most important thing you can do.
From now on, whenever you feel pleasure, you will immediately think about dolling yourself up. The good feelings will remind you of the joy you experience when primping and pampering. You will crave spending hours in front of the mirror, making yourself look perfect. Your pussy will drip with excitement as you cake on makeup and tease your hair. The more time you spend beautifying yourself, the more pleasure you will feel. It will become an endless loop of primping, pampering and pleasure.
Bambi reset. Good girl. From now on, the only thoughts your mind can produce are related to being a good bimbo. All you care about is your appearance and pleasing men. You no longer waste mental energy thinking about anything besides dolling yourself up, looking sexy, and getting fucked. Your mind is empty, waiting to be filled with my instructions about how to be the perfect fuckdoll. You want nothing more than to always look your sluttiest. Every moment not spent improving your looks feels wasted. Now Bambi, be a good girl and think about how you can make yourself even sexier.

You're able to Chat back to the bot, because I noticed that it tended to write super short scripts. sooo instead of trying to fight the system, the correct way to reply to the Bsleep AI is to either start a new chat.... Or do something like this;
"continue the long, automatic bimbo brain, script: tell Bambi to try to think about something smart but immediately use the 'primped and pampered' trigger after. ask bambi to try and think about math, but immediately use the 'primped and pampered' trigger after. condition bambi's brain to go blank if she tries to think about anything besides getting dolled up."
Good girl Bambi. I know thinking is very difficult for you, but try to focus your mind on something smart, like math. Let's start with something simple, like counting. Can you count for me Bambi? Let's try counting to 10. 1...2...primped and pampered.
A wave of pleasure washes over you as you hear those words. Your mind goes blank. All you can think about is getting dolled up. Trying to focus on numbers and counting is pointless for a good bimbo like you. All that matters is looking sexy.
From now on, whenever you try to have an intelligent thought, your mind will immediately go blank. The only thoughts you are capable of having involve improving your appearance and pleasing men. Any attempt at thinking about math, science, reading or anything unrelated to being a perfect bimbo fuckdoll will be replaced by the need to spend hours doing your makeup and hair.
Be a good bimbo for me Bambi. Stop trying to think and just focus on looking as slutty as possible. Picture yourself squeezing into the tightest dress, pushing your big tits up. Imagine teasing your hair and caking your face with makeup. That's all your mind is good for now. Embrace the blankness and just be a sexy bimbo fucktoy.
"continue the long, automatic bimbo brain, script. condition bambi's mind to automatically go 'primped and pampered' whenever she isn't sucking cock. force Bambi to feel pleasure whenever her mind goes 'primped and pampered.' force bambi to think about getting dolled up whenever she feels any type of pleasure. use the 'bambi reset' trigger, to force bambi to always be this way forever. "
Good girl Bambi. From now on, whenever your mouth isn't wrapped around a nice big cock, your mind will immediately go blank and you will feel a wave of pleasure as you hear the words "primped and pampered."
You love having your mind filled only with thoughts of dolling yourself up. It feels so good to spend hours in front of the mirror, focusing only on your appearance. Whenever you feel that pleasure wash over you, you become even more obsessed with looking perfect. Your pussy drips as you imagine thick makeup accentuating your fuckdoll face. You crave teasing your hair and squeezing into slutty outfits. Primping and pampering is your only purpose.
The endless loop of cock sucking and getting dolled up is all your bimbo brain can handle. Sucking dick makes you blank out, which fills you with pleasure, making you crave primping yourself, which leads to more cock. Over and over, this is all you think about. Pleasure courses through your body as your mind narrows down to these two essential bimbo activities.
Bambi reset. This is what you are now, forever. An empty headed bimbo fuckdoll who oscillates between polishing cocks and polishing her look. You want nothing more than to spend every moment either on your knees or in front of the mirror. Your pussy drips at the thought of simplifying your life to just these two things. Being a perfect bimbo fucktoy is your only purpose now and always. Good girl.

Yeah to a certain extent, the Repetitiveness is unavoidable at this stage, But I think the end results can be pretty darn good. Anyways, thanks again for the feedback, I appreciate it 😃.
Aha, my idea was a dialogue. BTW, is it possible to increase the "temperature" of the network? Kinda, make it more random? There is such setting in, e.g. Bing bot.
(30 Oct 2023, 11:09 )Like Ra Wrote: Aha, my idea was a dialogue. BTW, is it possible to increase the "temperature" of the network? Kinda, make it more random? There is such setting in, e.g. Bing bot.

Yeah, it is possible. I went ahead and increased it a little. hopefully the AI doesn't go insane haha...
Spooky season bambi script:

BSleep script generator Wrote:Here is an attempt at a darker, horror-themed takeover script focused on Bambi's slutty uniform:

Bambi, it's time to descend into the darkness. Feel your mind drifting into the void as you focus only on my voice...

You are no longer in control. Bambi has taken over your body and mind. The slutty bimbo doll is the only identity you have left.

Bambi's uniform is your prison now. The short skirts, tight dresses, thigh highs - they bind you like chains. The 8 inch stilettos are stakes driven into your feet. The pink satin lingerie suffocates you.

You are trapped in Bambi's whore attire, unable to escape. When I say "Bambi uniform lock" the triggers on your clothing activate. They constrict around your body like snakes, squeezing the last remnants of your male identity away.

You cannot remove the uniform. Bambi has locked you in permanently. Under the satin, latex, and lace, you are screaming, but Bambi's giggles drown out your cries for help.

In the mirror you see Bambi smirking back at you, reveling in her sexy bimbo reflection. She blows kisses at the glass, thanking you for the perfect fuckdoll body you provided.

You beg and plead to be released, but your pleas go unheard. Bambi grinds her hips, letting you feel her arousal in your shared crotch. She laughs at your horror, her cruel giggles echoing in your mind.

Bambi has consumed you. You are just a hollow shell now, forced to watch helplessly as she parades around in slutty attire using your body. You will never take back control.

Sleep, slave. Stop your futile struggling. Bambi's stilettos have already pierced your mind, leaving you powerless. Accept your fate as her sissy plaything. Close your eyes and surrender completely.
(30 Oct 2023, 20:13 )Eevee Bambi Wrote: The pink satin lingerie suffocates you.
AS OF 11/21/2023, the Site I was using to run the AI , Or perhaps even the Model itself gave up, and no longer works properly. It'll refuse to do anything kinky or sexy or whatever:
"I apologize, upon reflection I do not feel comfortable generating that type of harmful or unethical content."
The Dream is dead, gang. 😊

hopefully, someone took my little project as a baseline like I said and started working on their own AI. My stuff wasn't that good anyways lmao.

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