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General CD/TV/TS discussion
Just to clarify my point. It all depends on what your ACTUAL intentions are. Not what you explain to others.

If you prefer a bit feminine style (TV or close to TV), then it's "safer" to completely look like a woman (what is practically not possible). It's very difficult to not look ridiculous, not to "overdo". I won't go there, because I have no experience.

You can check my style ( I wear pantyhose on 27x7x356 basis also very visible, but you can never say that it looks even 1% feminine. Or look at my avatar (or the photo on the front page) - high heels, tight rubber, but no (or almost no) femininity. This is the direction I would like to follow.

Another example:

"Very masculine" men can wear absolutely anything (I'll post one video later when I find it). Your mentioning of Roman soldiers is a very good example. If a big bold shaven "muscle man" wears heels and a pink dress, it's his f$%^ business, nobody will dare to question the reasons or express their concerns. They will prefer to keep their teeth... 😉

Sportsmen can train in almost any possible clothes. We discussed that many times.

Again, the outer shell and the internal state must be in harmony. The most masculine clothes will look pathetic on pathetic men. If you're starving attention and you have guts to deal with the attention, not even the most provocative clothes will spoil your fun. (I would prefer to keep the aesthetic side, though).
Look, Im a trans gal, I have been all of my life . i spent too many years wearing the old fashion garter stockings, Girdles , leotards , tights , under my so called "Straight " clothes . As I aged , I discovered wearing support type tights were benificial to the circulation in my legs . I was in the wrecker business and I had to lay in the filth and hook up large trucks . Only a few years later , I developed severe back problems . I started wearing corsets . Hey, not only did they releive the pain , they were helpful as I learned how to walk more as a woman and I kind of liked the restriciveness too.

By 1994, I came out more or less full time . I had to make a desision as to weither I was a casual crossdresser or a lady in waiting . I decided to take the plunge . I havent been back yet . I shouldda done this years ago ! 😁
(04 Aug 2010, 03:07 )tbirdgal Wrote: I shouldda done this years ago ! 😁

My point exactly:
mindphuk wrote:
Quote:Hey, I remember that the Startrek tv-series once had designs for male starfleet uniforms that been the same as for women: Not pants but onepiece dresses...

Both, feminisation and cross dressing seem to be and look alike, but I think that the reasons are completely different. My theory is that feminisation works from the outside to the inside while cross dressing (as a fetish) works from the inside to the outside. Simply speaking, feminisation results in "oh my god, I am a woman" while crossdressing turns into "great, I am a woman". This would also explain, why there is forced feminisation but no forced cross dressing (it would be wrongly named forced feminisation instead). When I was much younger, I did a bit of feminisation, or rather, I used women's clothes as humiliation, especially blouses and stuff, that I never really liked. Today though, I rather enjoy to dress up in a female way, i.e. as a woman would, this is role playing, not a disguise.

Ok, that is roughly what I think, let the discussion start.
Quick poll here:

I'm pretty much aware what's going on inside, just would like to know what it looks like from the outside 😉
That brings us back to this discussion:

I still think that we define the terms differently.

About the official definitions:


# the process of becoming feminized; the development of female characteristics (loss of facial hair or breast enlargement) in a male because of hormonal disorders or castration

# The term feminization has been used to describe a shift in gender roles and sex roles in a society, group, or organization towards a focus upon the feminine. This is the opposite of a cultural focus upon masculinity.

# The term feminization has been used to refer to a range of sexual practices and alternative lifestyle activities involving exchange of gender roles.

# In biology and medicine, feminization refers to the development in an organism of physical or behavioral characteristics unique to the female of the species. This may represent a normal developmental process, contributing to sexual differentiation.

# feminize - assume (more) feminine characteristics; "feminized language"; "feminized frogs"
# feminize - to give a (more) feminine, effeminate, or womanly quality or appearance to; "This hairdo feminizes the man"


# Cross-dressing is the wearing of clothing and other accoutrement commonly associated with the other gender within a particular society. Cross-dressing has been used for disguise, performance art and as a literary trope in modern times and throughout history.

# cross dressing - transvestism: the practice of adopting the clothes or the manner or the sexual role of the opposite sex

# cross dressing - refers to the adoption, fully or partially, of the clothes normally identified as belonging to the opposite sex. People may cross-dress for a variety of reasons of which transvestism, transsexualism and fetishism are the commonest. ...

# cross dressing - (transvestite)The act of dressing in clothing that is more appropriate for the opposite sex.

# crossdresser - A male who dresses in women's clothing and vice versa.


# the practice of adopting the clothes or the manner or the sexual role of the opposite sex

# Transvestism (also called transvestitism) is the practice of cross-dressing, which is wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. Transvestite refers to a person who cross-dresses; however, the word often has additional connotations.

# The condition of being a transvestite

# is cross-dressing, with the desire to adopt the clothes, appearance and behaviour normally associated with the opposite gender. ...

# There are many different usages and meanings of the term transvestism. Most experts agree that the correct usage is when people dress in clothes normally worn by the opposite gender in order to identify with that gender in some manner.

# one who occasionally dresses in the clothing of the opposite sex for sexual or emotional pleasure, or both. Can be male or female, hetero- or homosexual, bi- or solosexual, and may partially or wholly crossdress. ...
Now some comments.

Transvestism usually involves crossdressing (plus make-up, behaviour change, voice altering, etc) as a meaning to associate him or herself with an opposite gender. The reasons can be quite different (e.g. in theatrical plays).

Cross-dressing does not require that. Cross-dressing is simply wearing clothes usually associated by the society with the opposite gender. The role of the society is very important here. If I'm wearing tights I do not think of myself as of a woman. And interestingly enough, I prefer to see one-piece swimsuits on men than on women ;D (on both actually 😉

Feminization is something completely unrelated to crossdressing (for example, as a result of taking hormone pills or because of hormone system disorder), but can involve it as a part of "transgendering" or role play.

I think "forced crossdressing" is a perfectly "legal" term and a part of "forced feminization". So CD can be initiated from both inside and outside.

"Forced transvestism" is not used, because transvestism is (willingly) originated from the person himself. "Forced feminisation" is used instead.

Probably these threads can be merged together and renamed? What do you think?
I regard myself as a fetishistic transvestite. I love to wear feminine style lycra and rubber with heels but those fabrics in a man's cut (lycra sports gear etc) and I'm not interested. Although I think women in leather look hot I don't particularly want to dress in it myself. PVC leaves me cold, although I've seen some women wearing interesting boots recently.
That said, as I grow older I think my taste is changing and I'm feeling more attracted to wearing less obviously fetishistic female clothes, the sort a woman of my age might wear. Denim skirts, Uggs, leggings with tunic tops etc. Just wearing them everyday around the house, not as a specifically sexual thing. Also I find myself taking more interest in what my female colleagues at work wear, again not necessarily in a overtly sexual way. I love women in tailored business suits, also powerful (in the business sense) women who dress with enough confidence to be very slightly 'inappropriately' sexy, a business suit with sheer shiny hose and heels, that's so hot. Though I remember the press taking Cherie Blair to task for just that look. Heaven knows, there are enough reasons to crucify her but her dress sense isn't one of them.

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