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DIY latex suit
Not sure if there was a diy section at all but since its latex post this here

Well, hello there im medicxandroid and i lurk around this site for ideas primarily
But i wanted to share something i stumbled upon while surfing the interwebs

So this website was describing how to make a full body latex suit that is custom suited to your body. And i will go back and search for it again so i can credit it but any

It says that first you would have to buy a full spandex catsuit and a large tub of liquid latex. If you plane to wear any under garments then you serram wrap those areas so the latex doesn't stick to it. Now the fun part, the person wearing the suit must stand the whole duration of the latex drying while you paint the latex on the spandex suit have the liquid go through the material if you were to paint the arms you have two tall stools or ropes so the persons arm doesnt get tired. You would use a sponge brush to paint the latex on the suit

After the latex is dried use the protective product that is used on normal latex products and keep it well matinence

So yeah just through the idea out there so you can affiliated with it. I will leave comment below of the link of the website

Any questions or comments please ask

Lol** quick update. Here is that link found it faster than i thought lol

First post here ...

About latex suit crafting, i found these tuto for making a zipless neck entry suit ...
As i've made some few latex clothes, i really appréciate the quality of the products made by this guy. Also really enjoy the way he's cool wearing it ...

There is many interesting gluing tips here but the pattern design and making isnt detailled. (it's one of the hardest part for me, and crucial for best fiting).

Kink regards


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