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Bound Couples
I’m always fascinated with the concept of two people bound together. Especially if they’re bound whilst in engaged in the act of copulation. Alas, I have some samples of the former but I’m always searching for that latter!

64626F4B-3F6C-4305-B32D-AFD508E5CAA7.png thumbnail    A54EC8FD-5B71-4655-A36F-06984FC5AC57.jpeg thumbnail   
Of course if anyone has any posts of:

Fully-Engaged-Mutual-Copulatory-Bondage (FEMCB)

...scenarios. I’d be really appreciative!  Big Grin

P.S. I made up that acronym.
Nice one TightSlip,

I like mummified or vacuumed couples especially  Big Grin .

65e6e60fd385672981e1111a06b4fae6.jpg thumbnail    ba80b86e317bd4a04136c30cf600d274.jpg thumbnail    Two_In_Vac_Cube_R220-800x533.jpg thumbnail   

Extreme Vacbed_720p.mp4 (Size: 10.28 MB )

(claps like a seal)

Well hello friend!  Big Grin
I’m finding it hard to find good examples of couples “bound in the act” per se.

I did find this one which looks really fascinating...

F280E073-161D-4407-B768-8EA3C52AF7D6.jpeg thumbnail   
Looks sweaty
Scissors always wins!
C8955CE9-FB69-4831-B4F7-9BA68CCC97DA.jpeg thumbnail   
FINALLY! I found one with pantyhose!
FA609EE1-EF6B-4949-A3E8-5A641922564F.jpeg thumbnail   
Yeah I'm a fan of bound couples too!
triotied1.jpg thumbnail    triotied.jpg thumbnail    TG-50-057_t.jpg thumbnail    sandf.png thumbnail    fishnets.jpg thumbnail   
I managed to find a couple more couples as well.
DD54C577-668A-4ED5-BC3E-404802D79672.jpeg thumbnail    C2AAA304-8AFE-46EB-9448-28B0A5DDC96F.jpeg thumbnail   

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