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Updating link collection

Started updating my link collection. Can you imagine how tiresome it can be? I have tons of bookmarks. Each link must be checked, classified, commented and coded. Booooring….

Need inspiration? Ask Masakazu Shimizu

No! Just one more thing! (I’m beginning to love Blogging and this is a bad sign…) I have to share this link with you. Ages ago I saved it under the name “to get ideas”
If you haven’t seen Masakazu Shimizu’s works (I’ve been collecting for years) and like fetish anime/hentai you have to visit his site. It’s in Japanese, but very easy to navigate.

Lot’s of pictures, lot’s of links, lot’s of fun, lot’s of ideas.
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Vacation time!

Right… See you all in two weeks. I have something to share with you. But I need more time and energy… (See my previous post :-)

Oh… I’m so busy….

Too tired for a session now. Why do you always have so many ideas and no time or energy at your disposal?

Probably I should’ve called that laziness and indulgence :-)

Sexy pissoirs/urinals removed from McDonalds or Bound Human Toilets. Part I

Toilets. Sexy urinalsAccording to the article in AD such nice urinals have been removed from McDonalds toilets in Heerlen (NL). That reminds me something …

The so called “human toilets“… See 24 pictures and two videos below.

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New latex pantyhose!

My new latex pantyhose made by SimonO have just arrived! Royal-blue latex, “transparent greenish” piss condom and reinforced covered with a flap anal hole. Haven’t tried them on yet, but the condom color is a definite mistake. That color looks more like “sea” on their website. What a disappointment… I should’ve chosen black or transparent.

My new hood has arrived!

And not just a hood. Inflatable hood with built-in inflatable breath-throug gag and nose tubes! My dream! Have been looking for such design for years. Found at LatexAS

It turned out that the nose tubes (which are quite narrow) can easily be removed and you can breath through the nose holes (which are also quite narrow :-) The gag is big, but comfortable. The breathing tube can be used not just for breathing. Just use your imagination :-P

I had so many plans…

I had so many plans for this summer… Was going to shoot at least 8 sessions… But what can you do when it’s +35-37 outside? Slowly moving your naked body between kitchen, shower and a computer. I can barely breath, let alone play with latex, ropes, cocoons… Nah… Probably next week…

Blog has been created!

And it does work. Funny. This is my first blog. Ever. I’m not virgin anymore :-D