Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

High heels, latex stockings, blue pantyhose and transparent latex briefs

latex stockings high heels pantyhose High heels, latex stockings, blue pantyhose, transparent latex briefs and everything is shiny – sometimes you just want to put all your new stuff on. I made these photos when I got this package.

BTW, the stockings (Fetisso) are chlorinated and made for left and right legs.

Also see the first part.

See 4 hi-rez photos below.
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My blue dream or Kunert Colours pantyhose with transparent latex shorts

blue shiny pantyhose transparent latex pantsAs I said here, many years ago I did not buy Philippe MatignonCool summer 8den” in very light blue colour. I wanted only one pair, but the minimum amount was 5. And that was the last time I saw them. Since that time I have a “blue dream” (errrmmm … not just one dream, by the way, I have many more ;-).

Hence I did not hesitate a second to grab the last “envelope” with Kunert Colours pantyhose in the colour called “Azzuro/140”. Moreover they were on sale (discounted from €5 to €4) in either Karstadt or Kaufhof in Munich.

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Simon O latex sale on eBay

str-haro-gal2For some reason I did not get a notification about and almost missed the latest Simon O sale on eBay.

In my opinion the most interesting things in this list are:

  • latex back seamed fishnet-print stockings (see the close-up!)
  • orange latex catsuit with feet and lockable zip
  • leotard and back-seamed stockings-look latex catsuit with a push-up effect at thighs (does anybody have a better idea how to call it?)
  • transparent latex catsuit (cosmetic latex)
  • think latex pantyhose for men
  • high waisted hot-pants

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New latex Simon O collection on eBay. Anything for Christmas?

Updated on Dec 04, 2012 @ 19:55: One day left!

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 @ 01:55: I bet you guessed why my eBay post activity has become more active ;-) Christmas is approaching! I’m looking for a present for myself. My wife also wants to find me something fetishy, but she does not know what I would like to get exactly. The problem is that I do not know either ;-)

And here’s a new opportunity: new Simon O collection on eBay!

Simon O is my favourite latex manufacturer and they never stop surprising me with new latex designs. This time it’s the unique catsuit (see the featured photo) with built-in full-fashioned stockings (transparent latex) and a leotard that looks differently from the rear or front. Also notice how it changes the silhouette. Quite amazing… BTW, it’s a prototype, the suit is not in production (yet?).

Another interesting item is the male bondage hooded strait-jacket-leotard. If the catsuit is too small for me, I may try to win this leotard. Not sure if I can use it alone, though. TTD, you there? What an ideal bondage addition to [read more…]

Ideal transparent latex dress for fetish fashion and (self)bondage

What: semi-transparent smoky black latex pin-up mini-dress from Westward Bound

Where: the item, Westward Bound shop

Why:You know, I’m a big fan of transparent and semi-transparent latex, but this time this is not the reason.

Unlike many other pin-up dresses, I would say that this dress must be in every fetish wardrobe, whether it belongs to a man or a woman. Just like latex stockings, latex gloves or latex strings you can wear this dress with virtually everything or without anything and you will have a complete outfit.

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Transparent latex and new Simon O collection on eBay

Updated on Oct 12, 2012 @01:05:Just in case – all items have both English and German descriptions and can be shipped worldwide.

See also: Latex on eBay – interesting finds

Posted on Oct 11, 2012 @ 03:06: Yes, Simon O designed a new collection of latex clothes which is available (just one more day!) in their eBay store. The prices are still lower than in the regular shop. So, hurry up!

A couple of words about the new design. The most interesting thing is the new latex catsuit line. A one-piece catsuit replaces a swimsuit (or a leotard), back-seamed stockings, suspenders and transparent latex pantyhose “worn underneath”. Nice, eh? All-in-one what looks like ideally matched latex separates. And in many colours. (See 30 photos below). Also check the latex pantyhose with “integrated” full-fashioned stockings and strings.

Then rather my personal fetish from my early childhood (see the featured photo). As I already mentioned, since I was around 10 years old I have a dream – an absolutely transparent [read more…]

Fishnet latex Simon O collection on eBay

Updated on Aug 01, 2012 @23:30:And another collection has been just uploaded on eBay! Check transparent latex pantyhose, transparent mask with floral pattern and silver low-waist leggings. They look amazing.

Posted on Jun 20, 2012 @ 16:26:
Simon O came up with a new collection of fishnet looking seamed transparent and leopard printed latex lingerie. And as always you can find some interesting and unique items in their eBay store.

Also, they added some corsets, waist-cinchers and various masks.

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Stockings. Part III. Latex and fashion. “Très Bonjour”

What do you do when you and your family is on a non-fetish shopping (or at least when you already showed all fetish-looking clothes you could find around to your wife and kids) and you have nothing to do (e.g. when you do not need any clothes)? I usually find a sitting place with magazines and look for pantyhose/latex photos or compose posts on a smartphone.

This time I was lucky. In German “Vogue” (April 2012) I found weird tentacle-like clothes (to be posted about), a latex-look coat and latex overknees/stockings (see below). The latex-look coat turned out to be “Black Vynil-Effect Leather Short Sleeves Basque Top” from Céline. But the latex stockings is another story.

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New SimonO latex zentai collection on eBay

Updated on Feb 02, 2012 @ 14:31:

New stuff in their eBay shop (see photos below): latex stockings with seams (check up the tan-cosmetic coloured ones), latex stocking with floral lacy pattern (what a great fashion attribute!), transparent panties and bras.

I could not win the pants with transparent panels :-( Did I lose to someone from this site? :-)

Published on Jan 31, 2012 @ 03:31:

My favorite latex manufacturer Simon O (no affiliation) from Austria created a new collection of latex zentai suits for men and (as always) after a photo session dropped the “photoshot” (some of them are chlorinated!!!) suits on their page on eBay. Check also the purple and grey transparent catsuits.

With no options they are no more than usual latex catsuits. But as always the suits can be customized to a full latex enclosure (think of latex zentai) or a full bondage ready enclosure (see photos below).

One interesting point:

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What is your philia? Part I. Phallophilia and cocks in latex

You know that I’m attracted to erected cocks, don’t you? Oh… How not to love those gorgeous pulsing rigid shafts staring at you with one eye, glistening with precum and lube, following your every movement, ready to penetrate and fill all your orifices and cover all your body with buckets of thick slippery gooey liquid smelling like a fresh watermelon or mountain snow?

Or imagine them covered in overly tight shiny latex or transparent pantyhose? Especially latex sheaths overstretched from the inside by the rods of pleasure. Hey, see the 18 photos below!

Sorry, that’s my imagination again… Yeah, you see, right? OK, let’s check the list of perversions and deviations for something suitable…

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